Monday, 20 July 2009

Big Air Force Gig

Hi, this is my first big order ever. It's for the SNCO induction banquet on base. SNCO are the three highest enlisted ranks. Usually for events like this they would have a big giant sheet cake, but I thought that's boring, hence I decided to make three cupcake towers with different flavors to go with the three ranks. One is vanilla, one is chocolate and one is red velvet.

I think I baked for a week for all those cakes. I had lots of help with the non-cake parts of this project. First, I'd like to thank my dear husband for helping me to make the cupcake carriers. He also delivered half of the cakes to base for me coz obviously they couldn't all fit in one car. He washed the dishes one night. And then he let me sleep in this weekend while he took care of our son so I could catch up on some sleep. How sweet!

Thank Kristin and Drake for letting me use their freezer to store the cupcakes. Kristin also lent me her glue gun coz I haven't got a clue where mine is since we moved. And she made a sign for me. Thank Leslie for constructing the cupcake towers. I just showerd her what needed to be done and she did it. They turned out awesome. And I heard that the towers didn't break down or fall over through out the banquet, hallelujah!!

Love all my little helpers. Couldn't have finished it without their help!! Thank you a million times.

Master Sergent

Senior Master Sergent

Chief Master Sergent

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  1. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog. You do amazing work. I'm just getting into cake decorating and I hope to make cakes as nice as yours. I love the cupcake towers. Would you mind explaining how you made them?