Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Hi, I keep forgetting to post this over the weekend. So much on my mind this time of the year. Putting up Christmas decoration, gifts, parties, and gifts...... Anyway, this is a Thanksgiving cake I made with a theme of fallen leaves. I didn't want to make a turkey. heeehee.... Made wooden planks out of gumpaste ahead of time and let them dry, then wrapped them around the cake to make it look like a wooden bucket. Then I put a bunch of different color leaves that were made of half gumpaste and half fondant in the bucket. And voila....

Friday, 6 November 2009

Baby Shower

A cake for a surprise baby shower for my friend. The organizer wants a stork and pink on the cake, so this is what I came up with. I think it turned out to be very girly and pretty. I like it.

The stork on top is based on an image I found online. And then I debated what other decorations to put on the top tier..... ended up with a cascading pink flowers.

I made the lace on the bottom tier with a craft impression mat. First time making lace pattern, pretty good.

I am very bumbed that I won't be able to attend the baby shower coz I have to take my son to his friend's birthday party. I would love to see her reaction of the cake first hand. Oh well, now I'll just to hear about it from somebody else.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

This is GROSS!!

Ha, I wonder how many of you would cut a slice of this cake and eat it!? My friend threw a surprise party for her husband yesterday and this is the cake she requested. Yup, I had to put together a toilet cake, with the poo and all. It's hilarious! Well, he sure was surprised and the cake made his day. hahaa....

Toilet bowl and water tank are cake, plunger is cake. Toilet paper is fondant, seat and cover is cardboard covered in fondant. Look closer, I even put corn in the poo.

One problem with the cake is that the water tank is very tall and skinny so it's not very sturdy. I had put a stick through the tank and toilet bowl together but my husband said they were trying to pull apart as he delivered it. He was able to push them back together and held them in place for the rest of the journey. He and the cake both made it. Yay!! My hero!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Elmo Vs. Bumblebee

Made a Sesame Street cake plus cupcakes for a little girl's 2nd birthday. Mom requested straight frosting for the cake, so I did. It's such a different look compared to fondant, which is all I've been doing lately. I was freaking out about how smoothness of the frosting because it won't be covered up by fondant. So I worked and worked and worked on it to get it to the smoothest I could but still I couldn't get it perfect. And then, piping the street sign and stars made my hands all cramped up.

I haven't done a straight frosting for so long and it just looks weird to me but everybody else loved it so I guess I did alright. I do love the cupcakes though. They are just too cute, if I have to say so myself. =)

Second is a Transformers cake. Little boy wanted a Bumblebee face and Autobot symbol. This cake gave me a scare because the parents who picked up the cake were confused and thought I had the face upside down. It wasn't until their little boy showed them how Bumblebee is supposed to look like, then they were happy with the cake. And they said they ate all of it. That's good. I was just so worried that I really upset a customer. Well, it was a happy ending in the end, so yay!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Lots of stars

First cake was made for a retirement. They wanted a star shaped cake with lots of bling. I didn't want it to look too busy so here's the end result. They loved it and told me that they ate the entire cake, some even had 3 pieces. That's one of the best compliments I can get, that people eat all the cake coz it's good. =)

I made the star shape with 2 round cakes.

Second is for a baby shower. My friend found the pic online and asked me to make it. So I just followed the pic and adjusted it a tiny bit. I love stars!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Something New

I've always wanted to try to make one of those cool topsy-turvy cake, the ones that look like the tiers can fall over any minute. Finally someone asked for one.

A friend's daughter, who's turning 12, knew exactly what she wanted. She found a picture online, printed it out, pointed out what colors she wanted, what areas needed to be changed into something else, etc. For my 12-year-old birthday party so many years ago, I think I was only involved in who I wanted to invite.

Well, the cake took way more time and ingredients than I expected. Good thing my mom is here to visit this month, so she played with my son while I worked on the cake. I kept running out of frosting so had to keep making more, and more, and some more. The cake was a lot of cake, a lot of frosting, and weight a ton.

They loved the cake and I was told that they drove home 40 mph the whole way with the hazard blinkers on. haha....

The cake looks empty on top, yes, that's because they were going to put 12 candles on top when they get home.

The second cake is a Ben 10 cake for a 5-year-old. It's supposed to be the omnitrix, that watch looking thing that Ben 10 wears. I really have no clue coz I've never seen the cartoon. Found a picture online and tried to make it look decent. I think they liked it but I thought it turned out looking kind of weird and disproportionate. Well, try better next time if I need to make another Ben 10 cake.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Busy Week

Hello, quite a busy week it was. I made 2 cakes and a half this week. The half cake is a little one that I made for Alex to take in to nursery for his birthday. It was just something very simple since I didn't think a bunch of 2-year-olds would care too much about how it looks.

Then I had a double birthday cakes order on Saturday. One Scooby Doo and one colorful lizard. The Scooby Doo one wasn't too bad but the lizard one took ages to finish. Came out rather nice though. I hope it's not too busy with all the different colors. Everybody was amazed by it. I couldn't decide whether I would make Scooby face with frosting, frozen butter cream transfer, or fondant. As you can see, at the end I went with fondant.

Here are the pictures. Thanks for looking.

Friday, 11 September 2009

My son is 2!!!

Can't believe my son is 2 already!! Time has gone by fast this year. For his birthday, I made him 2 trains, Wilson (the red one) and Brewster (the blue one) from the Chuggington cartoon. I planned on making all three of the main character trains, but it was 4:30 in the morning by the time I finished the two trains, so I decided not to finish the third train (Koko) and went grab a couple hours of sleep. Koko is still sitting in the fridge frosted with frosting right now. It will probably stay that way until we eat it. =)

Wilson and Brewster took a very long time to make, but I am very happy with the results. We ate half of Brewster today when Alex's little friends came over. I am sure we will eat the rest tomorrow when we have a BBQ.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Alex blowing out candles. Happy Birthday, big boy!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Black & White

Made for a friend's anniversary. I asked her if she wants elegant or cute; she picked elegant. I thought of a few different designs and at the end decided on this black and white theme. It looked simple but it took me hours to put those black embroidery designs on.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

late entry

Hello there, sorry I haven't been posting my latest creations. Things have been kind of crazy and my brain is all over the place with everything that's going on. Then you know how it is, once you put off a task, it just keeps getting put off day after day. So today, I finally said, OK, it's time to work on my cake blog.

I made two cakes since last blog. The first one is just a simple one for my friend, Joe's birthday. His wife wanted a golf theme and brought me the trees, golf cart and flag pole. Asked me to make a fondant Joe and a golf course. Due to the size of the cake, I couldn't really make a whole golf course, so I just made one hole. I am not very good at making fondant people but I guess "Joe" came out alright. At least neither the head or other parts fall off.

The second cake is for a dual celebration, it's for a lady's daughter and mother's birthday. At first it was just going to be a 2-tier cake with the top dotted tier and bottom diamond tier. But then she called after a few days and said they need more cake so I suggested adding the middle stripey tier. She also wanted a few roses on it. I added only two coz I didn't want to make it too busy. Overall I am very happy with the outcome and they loved it.

Monday, 3 August 2009

New Chief

Made for my husband's former boss, who got promoted to Chief Master Sergeant this month. Congratulations!!


This one, at first he wanted me to make the cake looks like a Porsche SUV but I didn't know how real I can make it look, so we decided on making just the emblem. His girlfriend loved it. She actually wanted to freeze the cake and asked him to go get a little cake from a store because she didn't want to cut the cake. It's pretty funny.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Baby Shower

The day after I finished the AF cake, I made this baby shower cake. Oh what a busy week that was!! I had made the bow during the week, love the two-tone effect. The decoration of the cake wasn't too difficult but I hated frosting the cake itself. I am never very good at frosting square cake, this one was no exception. Good thing it's covered with fondant so it's not too noticeable. I don't think I'll ever be able to smooth a square cake nicely, EVER!!

Big Air Force Gig

Hi, this is my first big order ever. It's for the SNCO induction banquet on base. SNCO are the three highest enlisted ranks. Usually for events like this they would have a big giant sheet cake, but I thought that's boring, hence I decided to make three cupcake towers with different flavors to go with the three ranks. One is vanilla, one is chocolate and one is red velvet.

I think I baked for a week for all those cakes. I had lots of help with the non-cake parts of this project. First, I'd like to thank my dear husband for helping me to make the cupcake carriers. He also delivered half of the cakes to base for me coz obviously they couldn't all fit in one car. He washed the dishes one night. And then he let me sleep in this weekend while he took care of our son so I could catch up on some sleep. How sweet!

Thank Kristin and Drake for letting me use their freezer to store the cupcakes. Kristin also lent me her glue gun coz I haven't got a clue where mine is since we moved. And she made a sign for me. Thank Leslie for constructing the cupcake towers. I just showerd her what needed to be done and she did it. They turned out awesome. And I heard that the towers didn't break down or fall over through out the banquet, hallelujah!!

Love all my little helpers. Couldn't have finished it without their help!! Thank you a million times.

Master Sergent

Senior Master Sergent

Chief Master Sergent

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Two Cakes

Hello, I hope everybody is having a nice weekend. I made 2 cakes this past week. I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for them coz we went to a week-long Spain holiday. The first cake was for my son's friend who's turning two. I knew I wanted to make a crown for the top but was running back and forth between ideas on how to decorate the cake itself. In the end I decided on putting diamonds shapes all around it.

The second cake was very simple. It's for a guy who just finished the Ironman race. It was a last minute order and they didn't need anything elaborate, so I just put the Ironman icon on top and a blue and green trim around the cake.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pearl Bubble Border

Hello, I had full freedom on this cake. She told me she likes pink and it's her 25th birthday, just make something cute. I like this kind of order where I get to do whatever I want. I tried not to go nuts on it. =) I've seen the bubble border online and wanted to try it. The effect I am going for is having different sizes of pearls bordering the cake. What do you think? I really like how the name plaque turned out. It's pretty.

So here it is.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Noah's Ark

This cake was done for my nephew's baptism about 2 weeks ago, but I was in the states on vacation so am just now posting it.

We went to the states to visit families and attend our new nephew's baptism. My precious sister-in-law asked me months ago to make a Noah's Ark cake for the baptism. Of course she would want me to make something that requires lots of modeling. (heehee... love you, Sarah) I didn't think I would have time to make the animals after I get to the states with all the busy family events, so I made them here in England ahead of time, and just prayed that they make it through the long plane ride plus the cruelty and abuse that luggage receive. Thank God they did!! Guess I have fabulous packing skill. =) The only damage was one giraffe ear, all other were harmless. Here's a pic of the animals.

I made the cake based on the Noah's Ark cake in Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Pary Cake book. It really wasn't too much work since all the animals were done in advance. I mixed cocoa powder in fondant to give it a tint of brown first so I didn't have to use a whole jar of brown coloring to get the wood plank color. The end result of the mixture of MMF and cocoa powder is like Tootsie Roll. One person tried it first and said it tasted like Tootsie Roll and then all wanted to have a try, and all agreed. Ha, so I discovered something new.

Alright, enough talk. Check out the pic of my nephew and his cake. Yeah, he didn't look too impressed. He will appreciate it one day. =)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Roary the Racing Car

Made Roary the Racing Car (a British cartoon) for a friend. Her husband is turning 40 and he loves racing. This one is a bit more difficult to shape than Lightning McQueen. All parts are cake, even the tires. I hate making red fondant coz it takes a whole jar of coloring paste to get it red enough.

Decorating cakes make me fat because I always eat the scraps or junk food to keep me going in the late night hours. But the cakes are so good so I can't help myself.

Anyway, here are some pics of Roary the Racing Car.

My cake Roary with the toy car Roary:

Side view Roary

Roary's big bottom