Saturday, 16 January 2010

Cakes cakes cakes

Yes, I've been slacking on updating my cake blog. Sorry. I just always put it off, and put it off, and then put it off some more. So here, I finally uploading pics of the cakes I made in the past month or so. You ready?

First one here, a SUPERMOM birthday cake. I was provided with the image, well the top half anyway, and he asked me to add the legs, make the cake in the shape of the image, and make the word "supermom." It was a total surprise for the wife. He came to pick up the cake the night before and left the cake in the car overnight to surprise her the following day. Aww... how sweet.

The same guy asked me to make some butterfly cupcakes for his daughter's 9th birthday. He asked for cupcakes with purple and lavender. I laughed at him because it's funny to hear a guy separate purple and lavender. He said that's just what the wife had told him to order. So then I asked if his daughter would want some pink with it. Oh no, she didn't want any pink, so just throw in some blue and yellow. Interesting that a 9-year-old girl doesn't like pink. She knows what she wants or doesn't want for sure.

I piped the frosting on the cupcakes to resemble flowers and then put fondant butterflies that were made ahead of time on them. I think they turned out rather cute for a little girl's birthday party.

This one is made for Christmas. A grandma wanted a cake for the kids table at her Christmas celebration. So this is what I came up with. I like the little gingerbread man and candy canes on the bottom tier. Christmas tree is fondant covered ice cream cone.

Then came an Xbox cake. I am not 100% happy with it coz I didn't really get the details right. The controller turned out very fat and chubby. We don't have an Xbox at home to copy so I just looked at picture online.

Made this for a 10-year-old birthday party. He's a big fan of the Norwich City Football club, so that's the color and logo of the team. I wanted to make a whole football (soccer) but they didn't need that much cake so I ended up making just half of a ball. Some of the pieces of the football didn't want to match up nicely but it was interesting how they went together. Not bad, not bad. The boy was very happy with it.

Ok, that's all for today. I will upload some other ones tomorrow or later. Thanks for looking. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Hi, I keep forgetting to post this over the weekend. So much on my mind this time of the year. Putting up Christmas decoration, gifts, parties, and gifts...... Anyway, this is a Thanksgiving cake I made with a theme of fallen leaves. I didn't want to make a turkey. heeehee.... Made wooden planks out of gumpaste ahead of time and let them dry, then wrapped them around the cake to make it look like a wooden bucket. Then I put a bunch of different color leaves that were made of half gumpaste and half fondant in the bucket. And voila....

Friday, 6 November 2009

Baby Shower

A cake for a surprise baby shower for my friend. The organizer wants a stork and pink on the cake, so this is what I came up with. I think it turned out to be very girly and pretty. I like it.

The stork on top is based on an image I found online. And then I debated what other decorations to put on the top tier..... ended up with a cascading pink flowers.

I made the lace on the bottom tier with a craft impression mat. First time making lace pattern, pretty good.

I am very bumbed that I won't be able to attend the baby shower coz I have to take my son to his friend's birthday party. I would love to see her reaction of the cake first hand. Oh well, now I'll just to hear about it from somebody else.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

This is GROSS!!

Ha, I wonder how many of you would cut a slice of this cake and eat it!? My friend threw a surprise party for her husband yesterday and this is the cake she requested. Yup, I had to put together a toilet cake, with the poo and all. It's hilarious! Well, he sure was surprised and the cake made his day. hahaa....

Toilet bowl and water tank are cake, plunger is cake. Toilet paper is fondant, seat and cover is cardboard covered in fondant. Look closer, I even put corn in the poo.

One problem with the cake is that the water tank is very tall and skinny so it's not very sturdy. I had put a stick through the tank and toilet bowl together but my husband said they were trying to pull apart as he delivered it. He was able to push them back together and held them in place for the rest of the journey. He and the cake both made it. Yay!! My hero!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Elmo Vs. Bumblebee

Made a Sesame Street cake plus cupcakes for a little girl's 2nd birthday. Mom requested straight frosting for the cake, so I did. It's such a different look compared to fondant, which is all I've been doing lately. I was freaking out about how smoothness of the frosting because it won't be covered up by fondant. So I worked and worked and worked on it to get it to the smoothest I could but still I couldn't get it perfect. And then, piping the street sign and stars made my hands all cramped up.

I haven't done a straight frosting for so long and it just looks weird to me but everybody else loved it so I guess I did alright. I do love the cupcakes though. They are just too cute, if I have to say so myself. =)

Second is a Transformers cake. Little boy wanted a Bumblebee face and Autobot symbol. This cake gave me a scare because the parents who picked up the cake were confused and thought I had the face upside down. It wasn't until their little boy showed them how Bumblebee is supposed to look like, then they were happy with the cake. And they said they ate all of it. That's good. I was just so worried that I really upset a customer. Well, it was a happy ending in the end, so yay!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Lots of stars

First cake was made for a retirement. They wanted a star shaped cake with lots of bling. I didn't want it to look too busy so here's the end result. They loved it and told me that they ate the entire cake, some even had 3 pieces. That's one of the best compliments I can get, that people eat all the cake coz it's good. =)

I made the star shape with 2 round cakes.

Second is for a baby shower. My friend found the pic online and asked me to make it. So I just followed the pic and adjusted it a tiny bit. I love stars!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Something New

I've always wanted to try to make one of those cool topsy-turvy cake, the ones that look like the tiers can fall over any minute. Finally someone asked for one.

A friend's daughter, who's turning 12, knew exactly what she wanted. She found a picture online, printed it out, pointed out what colors she wanted, what areas needed to be changed into something else, etc. For my 12-year-old birthday party so many years ago, I think I was only involved in who I wanted to invite.

Well, the cake took way more time and ingredients than I expected. Good thing my mom is here to visit this month, so she played with my son while I worked on the cake. I kept running out of frosting so had to keep making more, and more, and some more. The cake was a lot of cake, a lot of frosting, and weight a ton.

They loved the cake and I was told that they drove home 40 mph the whole way with the hazard blinkers on. haha....

The cake looks empty on top, yes, that's because they were going to put 12 candles on top when they get home.

The second cake is a Ben 10 cake for a 5-year-old. It's supposed to be the omnitrix, that watch looking thing that Ben 10 wears. I really have no clue coz I've never seen the cartoon. Found a picture online and tried to make it look decent. I think they liked it but I thought it turned out looking kind of weird and disproportionate. Well, try better next time if I need to make another Ben 10 cake.