Monday, 19 October 2009

Elmo Vs. Bumblebee

Made a Sesame Street cake plus cupcakes for a little girl's 2nd birthday. Mom requested straight frosting for the cake, so I did. It's such a different look compared to fondant, which is all I've been doing lately. I was freaking out about how smoothness of the frosting because it won't be covered up by fondant. So I worked and worked and worked on it to get it to the smoothest I could but still I couldn't get it perfect. And then, piping the street sign and stars made my hands all cramped up.

I haven't done a straight frosting for so long and it just looks weird to me but everybody else loved it so I guess I did alright. I do love the cupcakes though. They are just too cute, if I have to say so myself. =)

Second is a Transformers cake. Little boy wanted a Bumblebee face and Autobot symbol. This cake gave me a scare because the parents who picked up the cake were confused and thought I had the face upside down. It wasn't until their little boy showed them how Bumblebee is supposed to look like, then they were happy with the cake. And they said they ate all of it. That's good. I was just so worried that I really upset a customer. Well, it was a happy ending in the end, so yay!!

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