Tuesday, 27 October 2009

This is GROSS!!

Ha, I wonder how many of you would cut a slice of this cake and eat it!? My friend threw a surprise party for her husband yesterday and this is the cake she requested. Yup, I had to put together a toilet cake, with the poo and all. It's hilarious! Well, he sure was surprised and the cake made his day. hahaa....

Toilet bowl and water tank are cake, plunger is cake. Toilet paper is fondant, seat and cover is cardboard covered in fondant. Look closer, I even put corn in the poo.

One problem with the cake is that the water tank is very tall and skinny so it's not very sturdy. I had put a stick through the tank and toilet bowl together but my husband said they were trying to pull apart as he delivered it. He was able to push them back together and held them in place for the rest of the journey. He and the cake both made it. Yay!! My hero!!


  1. You did a great job but that cake is disgusting. There is no way, I could cut that and eat it. I hope they enjoyed it.:o)

  2. Oh sorry, that comment was from Mom Kruse. I forgot I was signing in from Sarah's computer.
    Mom Kruse