Sunday, 4 October 2009

Something New

I've always wanted to try to make one of those cool topsy-turvy cake, the ones that look like the tiers can fall over any minute. Finally someone asked for one.

A friend's daughter, who's turning 12, knew exactly what she wanted. She found a picture online, printed it out, pointed out what colors she wanted, what areas needed to be changed into something else, etc. For my 12-year-old birthday party so many years ago, I think I was only involved in who I wanted to invite.

Well, the cake took way more time and ingredients than I expected. Good thing my mom is here to visit this month, so she played with my son while I worked on the cake. I kept running out of frosting so had to keep making more, and more, and some more. The cake was a lot of cake, a lot of frosting, and weight a ton.

They loved the cake and I was told that they drove home 40 mph the whole way with the hazard blinkers on. haha....

The cake looks empty on top, yes, that's because they were going to put 12 candles on top when they get home.

The second cake is a Ben 10 cake for a 5-year-old. It's supposed to be the omnitrix, that watch looking thing that Ben 10 wears. I really have no clue coz I've never seen the cartoon. Found a picture online and tried to make it look decent. I think they liked it but I thought it turned out looking kind of weird and disproportionate. Well, try better next time if I need to make another Ben 10 cake.

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